About The Founders
Curtis Ohl
B.A Psychology
M.A Counseling
M.DIV. Theology
Ph.D. Psychology
PPS School Counseling
Clear Administrative Credentialing
Dr. Curtis J. Ohl at his core is a student counselor. He is a motivated, high-energy, team builder, with robust skills in relational leadership ready to serve and accept responsibility. He brings strong organizational skills; attention to detail and ability to handle competing demands. Curtis is a self-motivated, creative problem solver with well-rounded knowledge, skills and experiences in getting students into colleges. 
After two decades of being a schoolteacher, school counselor, high school principal, Curtis has assisted many students and families with the college process. Curtis has a Ph.D in psychology, masters in theology, and counseling, school credentials in teaching, counseling and administration.
Curtis was honored by being nominated by his High School students, as a 2002 Olympic Torch runner. Curtis has hundreds of college and community awards and certificates of outstanding professional achievement. Curtis believes that success is when opportunity meets preparation. 
Jason Richardson
B.A. Philosophy
MBA Global Management
M.A. Psychology
Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology
Though Jason has an extensive academic career, he gained international acclaim as a professional BMX bike racer. The former World Champion and PanAm Games Gold Medalist has always put education first in his endeavors and while he made his early wares as an athlete, Jason used his education to serve as a board member to both the National Bicycle League and USA Cycling. Jason is an advocate for change and as such, he thrives in an environment of transition and uncertainty. Among his peers, family, and friends, he is known to be outspoken, balanced, and multi-faceted. The best thing about life, according to Jason, is "you can do anything you want". Jason believes in everyone's ability to realize his or her own potential.