The Counselors
In these uncertain times, certain goals help us achieve our dreams. There are many paths one can follow. The College Counselors will guide you toward the right path and help build your bridge from High School to the College choice that best suits your needs.

For some this is a natural path and for others it is a road less traveled. For all, this transition is an opportunity! In meeting the needs of our students we recognize that everyone is an individual. One size does not fit all.
Our services are unique to each student. Students often ask us:
Which college is best for me?
How do I get accepted to the college of my choice?
What do colleges really want to see in an application?
The College Counselors are here to help give you the best possible chance of admission. We can carefully and professionally review:
Grades, GPA, Class Ranking,
Curriculum, Transcripts, Test Scores, (SAT, ACT)
Essays/writing samples
Extracurricular activities
Odds of acceptance to your "first choice" of college
The College Counselors will search specifically for your best college fit and determine the total cost of college, best location, campus strengths and weakness, all based on your unique profile.
There have been students that went from homeless to Harvard. How did they do that?
The College Counselors will provide the information that average counselors don't know or have the time to address. Our goal is to work with you and help you find your best fit.
Our college-educated professional staff will contact you via email with a specific evaluation of your chances of being accepted to your chosen schools, as well as some valuable advice on how to increase the viability of your admissions portfolio.
Our staff is also happy to answer any other college admission questions you may have after the evaluation is complete.
It is time to move on. Are you ready to begin?
The College Counselors do no guarantee admission to our clients. We offer our professional expertise and proven strategies in an effort to improve our client's chances of admission into the college of your choosing.
Member of Western Association for College Admissions Counseling ( WACAC)
It is the mission of the Western Association for College Admission Counseling to support and advance the work of counseling and enrollment professionals from Nevada and California as they help all students realize their full potential, with emphasis on the transition from secondary schools to colleges and universities and with attention to access and equity for all students.