Who Knew
Stanford is now free! But you've got to get in. If your parents' combined income is less than 100K, you may qualify.
In the California UC system, you are more likely to get into one school by applying to four, rather than just applying to one school.
You are more likely to earn over a million dollars with a college degree than without.
It is harder to get into college this year
There are more high school-age students applying to college today, than in years past.
College admissions have become more numbers based.
Colleges want to see that students have tried to challenge themselves by taking the toughest courses their high school has to offer.
Your SAT's are obviously important, but not as important as the high school transcript.
A fabulous interview will not increase your chances of admission.
Applying for financial aid will not hurt your chances of admissions.
If you plan on attending a top school in the country, you will need to take four years of math and four years of science.
Selective schools are reporting more rejections than ever.
Many of the best-known and most-selective universities announced record low admission rates this year.
All students, regardless of financial need, are eligible for some type of financial assistance.
Four-Year Public Colleges and Universities 68.6%
Four-Year Private Colleges and Universities 83.3%
Private, for Profit (Proprietary) Institutions 89.9%
Total (All Institutional Types) 63.2%