The College Counselors offer services over the phone or by email. We are able to provide college counselors to clients in any major city in the country. Some clients opt for telephone or email counseling, as it is the most convenient way for our diverse admissions personnel to connect with them.
No paypal, no worries. When you click the "Paypal Buy Now" and then click "Proceed to Checkout", there is an option to purchase with your credit card without becoming a paypal member.
You may also send a check or money order to: 2239 Mesa Oak Place, Escondido, Ca 92027, made out to: The College Counselors.
Please be advised that all services will be rendered once payment has been received and verified.
Cum Laude "with honor" Subscription- $24.99(1yr)
Access to The College Counselors Information
Timeline - critical path of coursework from 6th -12th grade.
"Blog spot" - latest and sometimes greatest information concerning all things higher education. Written by staff and counselors for your benefit as you move forward.
Member question and answers will be made available anonymously to all of our members.
Current up to date information pertaining to College requirements. We attend the seminars. We attend the conferences. We gather in one place the important information that most college applicants are searching for.
Magna Cum Laude "with great honor" Service - $199.99
Includes Cum Laude subscription
General review/Evaluation of:
Test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT)
Writing sample
Intake of class standing
Odds of acceptance to your First choice of college
Recommendations for Colleges based on Evaluation and Survey. We have had great success with high acceptance among our clients once we match a student with an institution.
(Cum Laude portion is good for 1yr, however this is a finite service. You may choose to apply Magna Cum Laude Service fee toward the Summa Cum Laude Plan within one month after receiving your evaluation.)
Summa Cum Laude "with highest honor" Strategy - $999.99
Includes Cum Laude subscription
Includes Magna Cum Laude service
Optimize chances of acceptance for "first choice" schools
Detailed "Action Plan".
Analyses of current status:
Writing sample correction and / or recommendations.
Any noticeable error correction in submitted materials.
Course work / critical path strategy - AP courses, summer school, concurrent enrollment (i.e. community college), tutoring etc.
Research desired college choices (3)
Admission criteria
Acceptance rates
Impacted Majors / Departments
Dorm Life / Residency
Campus Life
Any information we find pertaining to your choices
Sign, sealed, delivered! the best possible presentation to the colleges of your choice.