Why Us?
1. Uncompromising Service Quality.
A quality customer experience is our goal, period. With more than 2 decades of experience in school counseling, admissions and customer management, our continuing quest is to build venerable client relationships and exceed expectations as defined by our guiding principles. A quality customer service experience is our goal, period.
2. Experience our relationship building one client at a time.
We Make It Simple.
The College Counselors provides one dedicated Client Service Counselor to your account. One person for account maintenance and setup, change orders and everything else. Our job is to make it simple; provide our clients with a single point of contact. Our Counselors are accountable directly to you.
3. View our simple yet flexible pricing plans.
We Should have been Bakers
We build accounts the way Mom did: from scratch. The College Counselors can tailor your account to your specifications, this means you can specify the best method of communicating with you, by Phone, Fax, Text messaging, Email, Mail, and how our services can best fit your needs. Whatever the interaction, our personalized focus maximizes your return with each contact.
4. Expand your college choice with our unique services.
An Array of Service Choices
Our Counseling systems allow for almost any college challenges, accordingly our service is one of the most diverse in the profession. Often our clients are surprised to find that the only thing limiting is endless possibilities of choice.
5. Look at the college counselors diverse service offerings.
24 Hour Availability and 24 hour turn around on most services
The Internet does business around-the-clock, and so should you. 24/7 availability is a real competitive advantage which means maximizing the potential of every contact, all of the time.
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Interactive with our clients
Web Capability
The College Counselors web-enabled platform is the key to bringing full service solutions to our students and families. Practically any online action can be done remotely by our staff, allowing our clients to focus on what options best fit their needs.
7. Gain a web enabled college Homepage.
Our Scalable Approach
We do not attempt to fit your needs into our mold. Every client has specific needs and wants, and our professional model provides a scalable solution to any opportunity for college choices.
8. Prepare for the future of college.
Seamless Integration
Using a web-enabled platform means our clientele integrate our services with their existing communicating systems. Every interaction between our counselors and the college choices can be scripted to convey the best custom fit, every time.
9. Discover the advantages of our one of a kind capability.
Knowledgeable Staff
Our staff is well versed not only in providing outstanding service, but also in helping you understand how our process works. Our experienced counselors can make Q&A scenario suggestions and offer other intangible benefits that make us partners in your successes at college.
10. Speak with the answer connect team today.
We're always improving our process in school counseling, and changes in school admissions. The College Counselors employs full time counselors. We are always taking client suggestions and turning them into reality. Are you ready to begin?